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Review of Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania (Bollywood Movie 2014)

'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' as the debut director Karan Johar had qualms over the years as an assistant in the film with Aditya Chopra, but after years of being in the industry as a producer he 'DDLJ "did not like the movie. As such, he is director of the Young 'Dilwale ...' Some of the script distortion test of youngsters who fits and dealt with spices, then Karan immediately said yes. "Humpty Sharma bride 'see if Shahrukh and Kajol starrer may remember the time, just so that there should remember the age of 18 years have changed, everything that moves. 

Story: Rakesh Sharma Sharma alias Humpty Delhi (Varun Dhawan) who lives in his own world inhabited is a tapori type Punjabi Munda. Humpty's father (Kenny Desai) has its own bookshop. Humpty wants, does the same. Two of his best friend in college - Shanti Pappu and who stick with him like a shadow. Papa's Pocket Money Lounge - fun Humpty who never thought his life's ambition. 

At the moment, she bit him on his father's Book Shop is happy to help. Marks extension for your exam with his two friends to her house late Prof swing cricket bat with the tying and the fear of the beating heart by showing the number enhancement of the Humpty it is very clean. Humpty life, then comes the turn when it came to Ambala to Delhi with his uncle Prof Kavya Pratap Singh (Alia Bhatt) who falls in love at first sight. 

Kavya all the time trendy and cool kind of girl. Kavya wants to achieve even knew him. He is always ready to help friends. Kavya's marriage to Delhi for the purpose of its Arenj buy expensive designer gown. This skirt from Delhi to Ambala for shopping Humpty full details of Kavya Google has managed to take off with the help of a friend Shanti. After a few meetings and Kavya Humpty come closer to each other. 

Kavya Humpty NRI boy having your wedding gown on your own point of buying the stock is expensive. Now with Kavya - Kavya reason to Humpty with the cost of five million is the number of shares kilt. Ambala Kavya returns a few days later. Kavya also well aware of the fact that his father Mr Singh (Ashutosh Rana) Never Humpty will not agree to the law. Kavya such Humpty and make a plan. Humpty Kavya reached the house where the NRI Kavya Angad (Siddharth Shukla) operates with the wedding preparations. 

Acting: Kavya's father who appeared in the role of Mr Singh Ashutosh Rana 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le' acting reminded of the Amrish Puri. Oddly enough, the maker of the best artist in the industry such as Ashutosh does not roll. "I, your hero Varun after copying Govinda Govinda again spared no effort to copy. Only this time the NSA has frozen some emotional scenes. 

Highway, after 2 States Alia Bhatt had confessed once again the importance of acting, but years before the film was released in Mahesh Bhatt's two films Kavya - Daddy and a heart that does not - reminded me of the Pooja Bhatt. Aliya's character in much the same way he played Kavya, such worship was fulfilled in these films. 

Alia to come out of this image when playing long innings in the industry, he added. The 'Balika Vadhu' fame Siddharth Shukla film remained just a showpiece. Siddharth plays Angad not fit elsewhere. He looked totally unfit, especially in scenes with Aliya. Yes, the spoon type Humpty became friends and Shanti Pappu of DU in character throughout the film by Gaurav Pandey and perforation Sahil has filed its own identity. 

See why: The 'DDLJ' is not seen, so do not miss. If seen, so Humpty and Kavya surely come together. Ashutosh Rana's finest acting, Young Generation drag the box office, the film contains many spices, but with the story of Varun and Aliya want to see something new and different in the acting will be obviously Upset.


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