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COCKTAIL Bollywod Movie Review

COCKTAIL Movie Review - ***

Story: Gautam like Veronica. Veronica also like him. Gautam falls for Meera. Now, what makes Meera? Three close friends find themselves caught in a swirl of emotions.

Movie Review: the company, three's a crowd? Homi Adajania cocktail vibrant life of a romantic comedy piece, London, Cape Town and New Delhi with a beautiful and imaginative set the film in color on large canvases. Three crowded the situation, saying the company addresses the film.unknowingly standing at the cross.

Stands (Gautam) - flirt, Veronica (Deepika) and rich - bitch (lean Diana) Meera Indian singing clumsy daaru themselves under one roof to find and in perfect harmony and rhythm 'How are you brothers' dancing. To begin, Veronica still weak wild and shameless flirt Gautam happy in a relationship, no commitments, providing countless laughs. Veronica's best friend Mira wall flowers around the house is happy, sure do not get in the way.

the song, and the cinema hall seats go.

However, in the honey. For example, music provides an adrenaline rush and the comic scenes you smile, but the talkie part, where the gaps in the conversation that makes you nervous during a staggering drop in speed.

Also the friendship between two girls - Mira and Veronica are still realistic and deep runs, but can not be true that women share the same relationship with Gautam. Veronica and the equation for Gautam comes across as flaky, Meera Gautam love a deep passion for translation can be. There was sadness and longing as we love the weather, or an injection, in these days.

Relationship, a very funny moment in real resonance.

In the second half of the film takes a more serious turn when a friendship is love. Yes, break points, and the typical Bollywood film plays Cupid strikes triangular path through the last two decades has been dominated since often see.

Cocktails had some great highlights.

Deepika Padukone performance. Easily the best five-year period in his career, Deepika also looks very good throughout. Now Itsy Bitsy that you almost wish the camera had to stay in the red bikini. PI certainly ignore the poor rich girl with a heart of gold and nearly flawless performance information and will win the nomination.

It stands in great places, boring in others. And other PIs, Diana makes a fairly lean, but he certainly could do with some polishing. Randeep Hooda as a rake, to run a mock wedding, is completely wasted.

Pritam's music is charged and chart-busting. While you're hi brothers' and 'Daaru native is right at the top,' Yaariyan 'and' Jugni is exciting and intense. Funny dialogue, and the only skin-deep in disgrace with words like you so I'm taking him bread in the oven.

However, what really should be commended for its cocktails tolerance. As the film bond breaks and a new spirit of free hours in General ushers, will be about.

Put off your closest friends with a cocktail and watch. It will definitely strengthen the bond.


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