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It would not be fans of all kinds of movies. There are those also, than on doing, while in like to watch the melo drama, but the comedy about is the only is such that everyone is to see she wants. Bol Bachchan will also be held at the top of the list. This film is said to be inspired Gol Maal, the hit comedy, released in 1979. There is no doubt that this artist to enter the club's hard-core 100 crore this year. The magical duo Rohit Shetty and Ajay DEVGEN, have teamed up again this film.

What is this?
The film begins with Prithviraj (Ajay DEVGEN), the strongest man Ranakpur, which is the people's life miserable if you dare lie to him. This is where Abbas (Abhishek Bachchan) who comes with her sister Ranakpur (Asin) Sania to ask for help for his well-intentioned Shastri (Asrani). Abbas to save yourself from drowning in the financial crisis before the villagers. But it takes a turn for the worse when he is assigned to work as a supervisor in a factory Prithviraj. The absence of choice in the left-Abbas, as if two different people, to deceive Prithviraj. What happens next? T Prithviraj to discover the truth?

Ajay DEVGEN, the macho man of Bollywood should be applauded for his performance. After watching a lot daredevil, and save the people to finally see him play a comic role, especially in scenes where you try to speak English, and eventually killing the language. The funny thing to do is, that although he is also depicted as a tough guy, also provides, great comical in this in the film. Since its debut in Refugee, Abhishek Bachchan has continued to grow as an actor and Bol Bachchan proves he's a smart large block B His screen presence and dialogue delivery and action perfect. And he also introduced a new style of comedy in the film, which is amazing. This of the show-thief, that's for sure. Asin appeared as the beautiful actress. Smile in itself proof that the land of dreams. Prachi Desai: He is sexy, ethereal and a striking. Although the heroine of the game is very limited, it is only talk of their charm and wit. Other players also give a good performance.

The technique
After bestsellers like Golmaal, returns, Golmaal Golmaal 3 and Singham, director Rohit Shetty is back in the boom. The director managed to throw out any role of the prefect. Although the film was inspired by the 1979 comedy film and screen presence of a combination of fresh and modern audiences. Yunus Sajawal and Sajid Farhad-scenario the high score, and that to us to sit to its edge of of the seat, foreshadowing the following scene. This is something that this film is not much these days. Rohit did a great job. Himesh Reshammiya hip and catchy music. The title song for Amitabh Bachchan and the major players have already declared a success. Actor Dudley's work is a very colorful, and labor action by Jai Singh Nijjar swings. Farhad-Sajid dialogues are full of wit and humor, so if you are a riot of laughter.

The judgment
Overall, Bol Bachchan ranks as the first number of comic artists of the decade. The film is highly recommended for this weekend, family and friends.


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