Friday, August 8, 2014

Singham Returns Bollywood Movie 2014

Singham Returns bollywood movie 2014
Director - Rohit Shetty
Producer - Rohit Shetty, Ajay Devgan
Release Date - 15th August 2014
Starring - Ajay Devgan(Bajirao Singham), Kareena Kapoor(Kavya Bhosle), Amol Gupte(Swami Ji) Dayanand Shetty(Inspector Daya), Anupam Kher, Dharmadhikari, Vineet Sharma, Shubhangi Latkar, Zakir Hussain, Pankaj Tripathi, Deepraj Rana, Sharat Saxena 

After the super hit 2011 film Singham, a brave and honest Bajirao Singham back to Mumbai police as a DCP. The story jumps into action when found police brigade Singham dead after running away holding a huge amount of money and the burden of being corrupt. As the story unfolds, Singham begins the quest to locate the seller black with a huge impact on the political system.


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